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Tribute to Grant Vavra

ImageFor those who don’t know, Grant will be leaving this summer to Arizona.  Grant’s dad, after many years of service to the Army has retired and the family is now moving to Arizona.  We’ll miss Grant and his family and wish him the best.

Grant has been with the club since about 2002.  Probably only about a year less than Paul has.  Grant only started training with the rest of the club members when we consolidated on Fort Bragg.

For the first 2 years or so, Grant didn’t really compete, but spent a lot of time enjoying fencing recreationally.  It was only about a year ago that Grants started competing regularly with great results.

ImageHe’s been featured in the Fayetteville Observer as well.  He’s a great fencer with a great aptitude for competition.  The All-American Fencing Club will miss him and his family and hope they continue to be invovled in fencing.

In this small circle of fencers in the nation, we’re sure to run into Grant again on the strip.  With many years in front of him, including high school and college, we also hope that he becomes very successful as a student, athlete, and professional.

We hope you keep in touch with us and God Bless.  Thank you for your talents and contributions.