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Fayetteville Fencers Earn Medal at Airborne Open

In one last push for a confidence builder and skills test, Fayetteville’s fencers were put to one more test at the Airborne Open where John Page pulled away a third place finish against a dominating Raleigh contingency.

Fencers from Wilmington, Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, and Fayetteville met for a recent competition at the All-American Fencing Academy called the Airborne Open.

John Page was the All-American Fencing Academy’s “sleeper”.  John Page had just recently gotten back into fencing after almost 30 years.  His last active competitive season was during his years at New York University with then teammate and 1984 Olympic bronze medalist, Peter Westbrook.

John Page could easily be underestimated.  This grey fox in fencing is short, his equipment looks dated, but his moves are sharp, precise and his point control is unmistakably accurate.  As his opponents discovered in his pools, if they were unable to stop his attack, his point always found its target.

Page easily rolled through his opponents but would take one loss to Raleigh’s Stephen Pashby in a close bout ending in a score of 5-4.

“We had a great turnout of fencers.  Our last two tournaments gave Fayetteville an excellent opportunity to see how we will fair in Atlanta.” States Head Coach Gerhard Guevarra.

The top 8 finishers won “swag bags”.  According to Gerhard, the All-American Fencing Academy’s has become famous for their swag bags for their top 8 finishers.  Fencers all over the east coast have come to expect it.

“The term was originally coined by one of the winners and posted a picture of the prize on her blog and labeled it ‘swag bag’.  So the name stuck.”

The swag bags all included prizes from tournament sponsors including Moore Exposure, the Airborne Special Operations Museum and Army Recruiting.