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Fayetteville Fencer Medals At The North American Cup In Atlanta

Francis Cicchini, a medical platoon leader at Fort Bragg, recently competed with the All-American Fencing Team at Atlanta, GA, and brought home Fayetteville’s sole medal for the weekend’s competitions.

Eight of Fayetteville’s top fencers competed in five separate events at the annual North American Cup.

On Friday, Francis Cicchini and Paul Hovey competed in the Division III Men’s Epee Event.  Francis finishes his pools with only one win, while Paul pulls out two wins entering the direct elimination rounds.

Francis and Paul easily slide past the second round of eliminations, defeating the eigth and seventeenth seed fencers to continue to the third round.

In the third round, Paul faces the daunting first seed and finishes the day in 31st place.

In a previous interview with Paul, he said, “Last year, I finished in 48th place, this year, my goal is to finish in the top 32.”

However, the All-American Fencing Team wasn’t done that day as Francis Cicchini, continues his momentum through direct eliminations before facing fellow North Carolina fencer, Jacob Lete (Raleigh Fencers Club) to get into the round of eight.

Taking the lead early, Lete was never able to catch up.  All of Jacob’s attacks were met with quick counter attacks and well placed touches to the arm.

At the end of the first round, during a brief time-out, Francis was seen smiling while Head Coach Gerhard Guevarra laid out the plays for the second round.

Francis held the lead to defeat Raleigh’s Jacob, but would lose in a close match (13-15) in the round of eight.  Francis Cicchini would finish in eighth place in the Men’s Epee event.

The All-American Fencing Team also came close to another medal as Head Coach Gerhard Guevarra also faced a Raleigh fencer to enter the round of eight.  Gerhard would lose 13-15 and finish in 10th place in the Division II Men’s Foil Event.