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Fayetteville Fencers Earn A Berth to the Fencing Summer National Championships

All of Fayetteville Fencer’s Test Their Mettle On The Strip

All of Fayetteville’s fencers have competed in the last few weeks, some in preparation for the North Carolina State Championships.

In an Adult Open Foil Tournament, veteran fencers John Page and Daniel Keegan breezed to the finals where John Page was able to pull away for the win.  However, an award has to go to Brianna Osinski.

Brianna has been fencing with the All-American Fencing Academy since May 2008 and she has show dramatic improvement in her game.  In a tournament dominated by men, she stood her ground and demonstrated will and confidence.

“After continued coaching by John Page and experience from the North American Cup, you can see a maturity in her fencing.  Brianna is creating attacks that penetrate the defense and lands solidly on target,” said head coach Gerhard Guevarra.

“Her touches and scores are happening with planning and purpose rather than accident.”

In the youth tournament, parents, armed with cameras, came out to cheer on their youngsters, armed with swords.

Assistant coach Paul Hovey remarked, “We’ve been working with these kids for many months now, and we have lots of fun in class.  They’re funny and we try to make sure they learn the basics of fencing.  It was really nice to see the skills they learned in class being practiced during a competition.”

In the youth tournament (ages 7-11), the boys were outnumbered by the girls.  Brennan Mullane, with considerably more fencing time and a few tournaments under his belt was the eventual champion…but not without trouble.

Sophia Paz, energetic and tenacious, was not ready to give up any bouts, let alone the championship.  In every bout, Sophia bounded up and down the strip scoring touches with confidence.

Sophia started fencing a few months ago.  All the youths enjoy the fencing class and really work hard and have fun in the class.  However, you don’t get a chance to see the competitive side of the kids until they actually compete.

Close behind Sophia were two more outstanding young girls, Malaya and Caroline.  Their natural grace was more than a match for the boys’ strength.  In the end, everyone was smiling and even the parents had an opportunity to participate as side judges.

Fencers Compete to Qualify for the National Championship

Lastly, over the weekend, Dale Dingle, John Page, Gerhard Guevarra and Francis Cicchini represented Fayetteville in the state championships held at the Carmichael Gymnasium on the campus of North Carolina State University.

In Men’s Foil, Dale and John were eliminated in the first round while Gerhard Guevarra left a wake of destruction as his opponents fell scoring only 3, 6, and 10 touches in the last rounds before the finals.

Jeff Cotter was leaving a similar path as destiny would pit Raleigh’s Cotter with Fayetteville’s Guevarra for the second straight year in the finals.

Last year’s State Championships resulted in Fayetteville’s victory over Raleigh in a 15-13 bout.  This year, Cotter was ready for Guevarra as Cotter held an early lead.

At 14-9, Guevarra surged back to tie the score at 14-14, but Cotter would eventually win the finals 15-14.  The second place win provide the All-American Fencing Academy a berth for the summer national championships at Grapevine, TX.

The next day, Francis Cicchini, North American Cup medalist, would be Fayetteville’s highest seed going into the direct eliminations.

Francis went virtually uncontested in the pool, taking only one marginal loss against a fencer from Matthews, NC.  Francis lost in the second round of direct eliminations with a final placement of 9th.

Parent Participation and Summer Camps!

Fayetteville’s youth fencers are getting ready this month for their parent night!  The young fencer’s parents have been watching the young ones advance, retreat, and lunge for the last few months, now the kids will be teaching their parents a little about fencing on Wednesday, April 29, 2009 at 6 PM.  The public is invited and welcome to watch the fun!

The All-American Fencing Academy is also hosting its second annual summer camps for youths and teens.  Many of our current fencers and competitors came from last year’s camps, and we look forward to training next year’s champions!

ABOUT THE ALL-AMERICAN FENCING ACADEMY – The All-American Fencing Academy is located in Downtown Fayetteville at 207 B Donaldson St.  The All-American Fencing Academy instructs and trains recreational and competitive fencers from ages 7 to Adult.  Its fencers compete regionally and nationally.  Their coaches include former World Cup, NCAA and Foreign National Team fencers.
For more information about the All-American Fencing Academy and the available 2009 summer camps, please call 910-728-4924 or visit www.allamericanfencing.com
The final results for the tournaments are as follows:

Adult Open Tournament:
1. John Page
2. Daniel Keegan
3. Dale Dingle
3. Francis Cicchini
5. Brianna Osinski
6. Sean Dingle
7. Inez Page

Youth Open Tournament:
1.  Brennan
2.  Sophia
3.  Malaya
3.  Jeb
5.  Caroline
6.  Jack
7.  Victoria

State Championships
Men’s Foil
2:  Gerhard Guevarra
12. John Page
19. Dale Dingle

State Championships
Men’s Sabre
18. Dale Dingle

State Championships
Men’s Epee
9.  Francis Cicchini