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Youth Fencers Compete!

On Wednesday, May 27, 2009, our youth fencers got an opportunity to compete against each other and each with their own personal coach helping them out!

Personally, I was pulling for my fencer, Caroline, but I think we were robbed by our pool referee…oh wait, that was me.  We were robbed, Caroline!

Not only did I see some great fencing by everyone, but I saw our fencers using skills they have learned in class.  Everyone did a great job fencing, discovering new target areas and doing parry ripostes.

I also want to congratulate our teen and adult coaches!  I was very happy to see some great leadership and coaching skills coming from our teen and adult coaches and I think the kids really enjoyed working with them.

A special congratulations to Brendan who took first place in the tournament.  DESPITE arriving late! 🙂  Good patience, good use of footwork and distance and way to keep the point forward and on target — GREAT LUNGES TOO!

Congrats to everyone else that competed (Timmy, Jack, Caroline, Malaya, Jeb, Sophia, Michael, Adam and Daniel).  I haven’t said it before, I really enjoy working with you.  See you next Wednesday!