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Results from the January 22nd Intramural and Iron Maiden

On Saturday, January 22, 2011 at the All-American Fencing Academy, a few of Fayetteville’s fencers hosted an intramural tournament to keep up skills between state tournaments.  For some, it was a warm up to this Sunday’s big youth tournament at Durham, NC.

Martin LaBelle led the charge for the All-American Fencers and took first place, but it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park for LaBelle.  John Murray is hot on his heels and determined to take one of the top men’s foil position at the All-American Fencing Academy.

Murray defeated LaBelle in the preliminary pools of the tournament.  LaBelle met Murray again in the finals and narrowly won by only a few points.

Final standings for the All-American Fencing Academy Intramural tournament was Martin LaBelle (1st), John Murray (2nd), Triston Li-A-Ping and Ronnie Britton (Tied for 3rd), and Jack Santini (4th).

Meanwhile, another Fayetteville fencer, Steve Lee travelled down to Wilmington, NC the same day to represent the All-American Fencing Academy in two events at Cape Fear Fencing Association’s Iron Maiden tournament.  Lee competed in both the foil and epee tournament. 

“Lee and LaBelle are consistent fencers at the club and compete against each other several times a night.  They both joined the club at the same time and their progress has been phenomenal,” stated head coach Gerhard Guevarra.

Lee placed 13th out of 20 in the epee tournament, fairing better than several strong epee fencers in the state, including Rob Thomas from Cape Fear Fencing Association and John Rea from the Wilmington Fencing Club.

In foil, Lee placed 15th out of 27 placing above known experienced fencers Elise Laffite from Raleigh Fencing Club and Jason DuPertuis from MidSouth Fencers Club.