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All-American Fencers Bring Home 2 Medals

Baker White at Durham Youth ProgressiveFayetteville fencers from the All-American Fencing Academy competed in the Junior Progressive Open at the MidSouth Fencers Club in Durham, NC over the weekend.

In the ages 7-10 category, Caroline Berger and Gabriel Guevarra both won 1 bout in their pools, but both lost in their first direct eliminations.  Berger and Guevarra finished in 5th and 6th, respectively.

In the ages 11-14 category, Triston Li-A-Ping and Madeline White also put up a single victory in their pools.  Li-A-Ping received a bye in the first round, but lost in the second round of elimination against the eventual champion. Li-A-Ping finished in 6th place.

White narrowly lost in the first round of direct eliminations, scoring 10 touches on her opponent.  Her 15-10 loss in the first elimination placed White in 9th place.

In the ages 13-16 category, John Murray posted two wins in the preliminary pools, but also lost in the first direct elimination securing a 10th place finish.

The ages 9-12 category proved to be the All-American Fencing Academy’s strongest team of fencers.  Baker White (Madeline’s brother), Ronnie Britton and Jeb Berger (Caroline’s brother) led the charge for Fayetteville’s fencers over the weekend.

Berger was not able to post any wins in the pools and was also eliminated in the first direct elimination.  However, White posted 3 and Britton posted 2 wins in the pools.

White and Britton received byes in the first round of eliminations, but will face each other again in the second round.

Britton once again faced a nearly impenetrable defense while White capitalized after each failed attempt.  Britton was able to score several times, but not enough to steal the win from teammate White.  Britton finished with a tie for 3rd place.

“Britton is a strong offensive fencer, while White is strong defensively.  It really came down to which fencer can execute their actions better.  In this case, White came out on top,” said Head Coach Guevarra.

“They’re both great fencers and I think they can learn from each other.”

White faced Daniel Auber from the Greensboro Downtown Fencing Club in the gold medal round.  Auber previously posted the only win against White in the pools.

White found himself against an opponent with a strong attack, but was susceptible defensively.  White had to force himself to launch more attacks against his opponent rather than maintaining a defensive posture.

Auber took an early lead in the first of three periods before White discovered how to land his attacks.  Auber won the first period 5-3.

In the first break period, White told the Head Coach, “I know where to hit him now, I can beat him.”

White took control of the second period as well as the third period initiating successful attacks while equally capitalizing on his defensive actions.

White definitively won the second and third periods against Auber, taking home his first gold medal.

“We didn’t discuss much between the period time-outs.  We both know what he had to do to win; White was getting through the defense, but just wasn’t landing his touches.  He made a minor change and landed the rest of his attacks,” said Head Coach Guevarra.

The teen and adult fencers at the All-American Fencing Academy are now getting ready for the next team event.

The Airborne Open will be hosted at the All-American Fencing Academy on February 26th.  The event will feature the foil and sabre weapons in fencing.

Fayetteville’s John Page took first place in the foil event, while Durham’s David Minton came out on top in the sabre event.

“We have a strong team of fencers this year, and we think we can come out on top in the foil event.  The sabre event will be difficult, but possible.”