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US Military Fencing Championships

Open to all Military Personnel:
This includes Active, Reserve, Guard, Veteran, Cadet, ROTC or JROTC.  If you were ever in the Military, you are eligible.

The 2011 US Military Championships will be hosted at the United  States Military Academy, at West Point on Saturday, 7 May 2011.

I’d like to see how many people will be available to compete at this and do a carpool or caravan up to West Point and drive back the following day.  At most, you may have to take a Friday leave.

See the below website:

Last year’s event was free, no details yet this year.
Fencers must by USFA.  Fencers can utilize the 1-day membership from the USFA.

Permissive TDY:
It may be possible for Soldiers to request for Permissive TDY.  This was the response I received if it is possible for the Soldier to get Permissive TDY for the US Military Fencing Championships.

This will be Commander dependent. If the soldier can sell it.  I ran into this when I first began.  I received PTDY back when they were held at the Air Force Academy.  When I returned, I spoke with PAO to get it into the paper, which helped for future tournaments. The other thing is to have the soldier take a 3 or 4 day pass.

Just FYI:
This is probably the most applicable part of Army Regulation 600-8-10:

5-31 Permissive temporary duty authorization

e. To participate in other official or semi-official programs of the Army provided that—
(1) Participation in the program will enhance the soldier’s value to the Army, including but not limited to
completing educational licensing requirements leading to a professional degree.
(2) TDY must not be appropriate.