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New Beginner/Intermediate Class Schedule for April/May

Due to the large influx of students in April and May timeframe, we will be rescheduling our beginner classes and intermediate classes for youth and teens/adults.  Please call 910-644-0137 or e-mail us (groupondeal@allamericanfencing.com) with your participant’s name, age, phone number and e-mail address so that we can put you on our pre-registration list.  If you call and we do not answer, please leave a message with the requested information.

The following schedule will be utilized:

Beginner Class for Youth (ages 7-12): Tuesdays, 6-7PM
Beginner Class for Teen/Adult (ages 13-Adult): Tuesdays 7-7PM

Beginner Class for Youth (all ages): Wednesdays, 7-8PM

Intermediate Class for Youth (ages 7-12): Tuesdays, 6-7PM
Intermediate Class for Youth (ages 13-Adult): Tuesdays 7-8PM

Regular Youth Classes on Tuesday
All Regular Youth Classes at 6PM on Tuesdays will be temporarily combined with our Regular Youth Class on Wednesdays at 6PM.