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Special Guest Workshop Tonight with Facebook’s Founder Mark Zuckerberg

The All-American Fencing Academy will feature a special guest coach for an evening workshop.  Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg will be teaching a special one-time class for interested members and possible new students.

At the All-American Fencing Academy, Zuckerberg will provide special emphasis on how to utilize “pokes”.  He’ll also demonstrate his best methods on how to “block” unwanted “pokes”.

You may ask, how does Facebook’s founder tie into fencing?  In a hand-written document, Zuckerberg revealed his passion for fencing.

“Amidst a hectic week of work, fencing has always proven to be the perfect medium; for it is both social and sport, mental and athletic, and controlled yet sometimes undisciplined,” wrote Zuckerberg in response to the prompt asking about his most meaningful activity.

When Zuckerberg was developing Facebook early on, a co-worker commented that among the few possessions Zuckerberg had brought out with him were his fencing paraphernalia.  Often, he’d grab his foil land start swinging it through the air.