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Divisional Results

Fayetteville fencers Dale Dingle, Steve Lee and Gerhard Guevarra were the only representatives from the All-American Fencing Academy at the North Carolina Fencing Divisionals (State Championships).

Steve Lee’s participation marked his first State Championship appearance fencing in the epee tournament placing 16th.  Dale Dingle has seen several State Championships prior, and placed 13th in sabre and 19th in foil.

Gerhard Guevarra makes another repeat appearance in the men’s foil event at the state championships.  Leaving the preliminary rounds undefeated with other fencers with similar records, Guevarra tied for a 3rd seed going into the direct elimination brackets.

High seeds Brendan McConville, from the Cape Fear Fencing Association, and Drew Mosely, from the Charlotte Fencing Academy anchored the top and bottom brackets as 1st and 2nd seed, respectively.

While McConville cruised to the semifinals to be defeated by 3rd seed Guevarra in the top bracket, the bottom bracket saw a few upsets.  Third seed John Rea from Wilmington Fencing Club was upset by 11th seed Zack Morey from Raleigh Fencers Club.  Second seed Mosely also fell to 7th seed  Matt Fornaro in a close 15-14 bout in the semi-finals.

Guevarra defeats Fornaro in the Finals 15-8 and wins the State Championship.