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All-American Fencer Brianna Osinski Helps Carolina Coach Reach 1,300th Win

At the Philadelphia Invitational hosted by the University of Pennsylvania, North Carolina Fencing faced off against Sacred Heart, Haverford, Drew, Fairleigh Dickinson and Northwestern Universities.

On the woman’s squad, former All-American Fencer Brianna Osinski has been vying for the 3rd starting position with another squad mate.  During the Philadelphia Invitational, Brianna posted 2 wins.

“This was the first competition that I did better than my squad mate.  She and I have been alternating for the 3rd spot on the starting team.”

Brianna’s second win gave the UNC Women’s foil squad an undefeated 9-0 score against Fairleigh Dickinson University.

“Since the summer when I worked with Coach Jon Charles at the All-American Fencing Academy, I’ve been working on my tenacity.  I finally yelled during an attack and I realized how much extra ‘oomph’ it gave my lunge.  It just gave me so much more energy behind my touch.”

Women’s Carolina Fencing came out with 4 wins and 1 loss against No. 4 Northwestern University.  It was the 23-4 win against Drew University that clinched the 1,300th win for Head Coach Ron Miller.  The actual win came from Senior Allie Mead in the epee squad.

All-American Fencing’s Head Coach Gerhard Guevarra and Paul Hovey are also both former UNC Fencers that were under the direction of Coach Ron Miller.