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The All-American Fencing Academy Fencers Medal at Apex Scrimmage

All-American Fencing Academy squared off against Apex Fencing Academy in the annual All-American/Apex Fencing Scrimmage.  Youth, teen and adult fencers participated in 3 different events.

“This is a good midway tournament for our fencers,” says Head Coach Gerhard Guevarra. “We’re halfway through the tournament season; we’ve done one or two high level tournaments in the fall and several in-house intramural tournaments.  This scrimmage with Apex is a good ego check and warm up as many of our fencers return from a winter break and we prepare for 2-3 more high level tournaments and North Carolina Championships.”

This year, the annual scrimmage was held at the Apex Fencing Academy in Cary, NC.  3 events were held, including a youth foil, teen/adult foil and a teen/adult epee tournament.  All-American Fencing did not have participants in the teen/adult foil event.

US Army Captain, Francis Cicchini, and First Lieutenant Steve Lee led the way for the All-American epee fencers.  This was a defining moment for the All-American epee fencers as their first tournament under new All-American Fencing Academy epee coach Maya Cameron.

Cicchini took too loses in the pools, one to teammate Lee by one point and the other an Apex fencer.  Although he recovered in the elimination brackets, Cicchini placed second losing in the finals again to Lee 6-15.

“Our epee team looks promising.  Coach Maya Cameron is a great addition to the coaching staff and she’s developing a great set of fencers.”

In the youth event, All-American fencers Michael Peters, Luke Boyd, Verginia Dole, Joshua Martin, Douglas Kelly, Baker White, and Jack Santini participated. 

White and Santini are veterans in competing away from home, but for the remainder of the All-American fencers, this was their first tournament away from their home turf.

White had the most competitive experience and medaled second in the youth event while Santini placed second best of the All-American fencers at 6th place.

In only his second competition, Joshua Martin braved the strip with his seasoned teammates.  Josh started fencing through the Fort Bragg SKIESUnlimited program.

“Although Martin placed 13th, I liked what I saw.  More importantly, he enjoyed fencing and competition.  Martin never gave up and fenced strong no matter who his opponent was.”

The remainder of the All-American Fencing team’s placement included Kelly 9th, Boyd 10th, Peters 11th, and Dole 12th.

“As a matter of fact, I liked what I saw from everyone.  In terms of our youth development, we have to work on very basic tactics and skills.  They used what we’ve been working on in class and they didn’t fence poorly.  However, we did learn what we need to work on.”