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Name the Dummy!

We’re doing a fund-raising for academy improvements!  (Among the list includes floors, fans, target pads, etc.)  The current fundraiser gives the community to name our two fencing dummies.

The first dummy (Dummy #1) that needs to be named is the single arm wooden padded dummy in the small fencing room.  Currently he is being called the fencing dummy, but this can’t stay this way because we’ll have two soon!

The second dummy (Dummy #2) is a salvage from one of our fencing friends in the Army.  He has brought us a life size dummy that looks a lot like “Buster” from Mythbusters.  In fact, he may weigh as heavy as “Buster”.  (This name has already been suggested, so choose another one.)

So here’s the fundraiser.  We are inviting all fencers and friends to submit names for one or both our dummies and we will select our favorite.  However to submit a name, the cost is $2 for 1 dummy/1 name or $4 for 2 dummies/2 names.  Or you can submit more than one name for the same dummy.  Regardless, each name is $2.

If you’re at the All-American Fencing Academy, please find our dummy donation box and submit your name and donation! 

You can also do so online, just reply with your dummy names and label your names with Dummy #1 or Dummy #2.  You’re on the honor system for making a donation!  Please use the link below for making a donation, then feel free to post your dummy names on Facebook or Twitter.

Donate online: