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Fayetteville’s Fencers Lunge Into The Spring Season With Medals

Fayetteville’s fencers from the All-American Fencing Academy started their spring season with a two weapon tournament at Wilmington, NC.  The Academy’s epee and foil team sent a total of 6 fencers against North Carolina and Virginia fencers.

In the epee event, Matt Harris and Kaitlin Baumeister represented the All-American Fencing Academy.  Harris left the preliminary pools with 3 wins while Baumeister struggled in a strong pool but was able to put up 6 points for All-American Fencing.

In the elimination brackets, Harris continued past the first round with a 15-9 win against a Greenville fencer, but was eliminated in the second round by Brendan McConville of Wilmington, who eventually won the epee tournament.

“My epee fencers are just now getting used to competing.  They have many lessons to learn, but I am very pleased with their results,” states All-American Fencing epee coach, Maya Cameron.

“Harris, combining his height and quick learning curve could be a great fencer in North Carolina, along with many of our students.  His defense is wonderful, we’re now starting to develop our offensive prowess.”

Final standings in the epee event put Harris at 13th place and Baumeister in 23rd place.

In the foil tournament, Gerhard Guevarra, John Page, Elizabeth Leever and John Murray represented the All-American Fencing Academy.

Elizabeth Leever and Murray both had one win in the pools.

Page and Guevarra unfortunately faced each other in the semi-finals after seeding 1st and 4th, respectively, both going undefeated in their pools. 

Guevarra continued to win in the finals against McConville, who also fenced in the foil tournament.

The true grit came from Murray, who seeded 17 entering the elimination bracket, faced Shane Mason (seeded 16) from New Bern in the first round.

“Murray really has potential, he just has to get to more tournaments,” says Murray’s head coach.

Murray seemed like a deer in headlights in the morning pools, not to mention he was also recovering from a fever the night before.  However, in the first elimination round, Murray was in complete control.

“Murray executed the attacks, was changing his speed and doing everything that he’s been working on for the past weeks and it was beginning to click.”

Murray jumped into the early lead against Mason and held it.  Many of the attacks scored blasted through Mason’s defense and found its target without opposition.  Murray defeated Mason in the first round 15-7.  Murray lost to teammate Page in the second round.

“If he hadn’t had to face his own teammate in the second round, I’m sure that Murray could have at least made it to the round of 8.  He’s that good and he’s getting better,” says Murray’s coach.

While Guevarra and Page tooks first and third, respectively; Murray and Leever placed 16th and 19th, respectively.