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New Year Brings New Changes!

Welcome to 2014!  We’re sad to see Coach Maya leave, but that happens in a Military town.  But in a Military town we also see some new faces.  We expect to see some new faces pretty soon!
Also, I’ve decided I need to do some early spring cleaning, mostly my records.  Did you know the All-American Fencing Academy has been operating since 2001?  Since 2001 I have a folder of registration records of people that have come and gone (my contact folder for All-American Fencing Academy includes everyone since 2001).
I’m going to archive those and I’m going to start a new contact folder.  Also I’m going to streamline our payment/billing services.  So I need everyone’s help.
Here are some changes:
1.  New membership form:  If you’ve been with us for a few years, believe it or not, we’ve been through different membership forms.  I’m asking everyone to re-submit a new membership form for our members folder.  I have copies of the new form at the club and I’ve also sent it by e-mail.
2.  Payment/billing:  We’re streamlining our payment method to assist me and our accountant.  We’ll transitioning to automated billing (the preferred method using a credit card).  We’d like to do this with as many members as we can to help us with monthly member fees, I’m not always available at the club to do credit card processing and reduce the trips to bank.  A copy of the automated billing form is at the club and I’ve also sent it by e-mail.
Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks for everyone’s help!