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Jerry Gomez Takes 3rd in Wilmington and Earns National Ranking

Over the weekend, Jerry Gomez and Andrew Klassen competed at Wilmington, NC in the Old Man Winter Open Epee tournament.  Gomez and Klassen currently train at the All-American Fencing Academy in Downtown Fayetteville.

In the preliminary rounds, Klassen had a better win record, posting 3 wins and 2 losses.  Gomez, in another pool, posted 2 wins and 3 losses.  This seeded Klassen and Gomez in 5th and 12th place respectively.

In direct elimination, both fencers advanced to the second round where Klassen and Gomez unfortunately had to fence each other.  “Andrew was doing well that weekend.  He’s talented and very athletic and may have had a chance to make the finals.  But when you have to fence against a teammate, sometimes all training goes out the window because now you’re fencing against a teammate whom you fence several nights a week.  You know how to score on each other,” stated coach Gerhard Guevarra.

This weekend, Gomez got the upper hand in a close bout, winning 15-11.  Gomez then went on to defeat Robert Thomas from the Cape Fear Fencing Association.  In the final four rounds, Gomez lost to 1st seed, Joshua Harvey, also from the Cape Fear Fencing Association.

With the 3rd place win, Gomez earned a national “D” rating.  Ratings are on a scale from A (highest) to E (lowest) and unrated fencers.  Fencers can only earn ratings by finishing high at nationally sanctioned events.

Gomez is one of many soldiers that fence at the All-American Fencing Academy.  He is a captain with the 98th Civil Affair Battalion.  Although Gomez has been fencing for 6 years and his primary weapon is foil; he has only been fencing epee for 10 months.

“I like the fact that fencing is a mental battle between me and my opponent.  I love the rush when I score a touch against a tougher fencer,” says Gomez.

Now Gomez and Klassen, along with other Fayetteville fencers, are gearing up for the North Carolina Championships in Raleigh during the first weekend of March, commonly known as “Divisionals” for fencers.  The All-American Fencing Academy has potential to bring back a few medals.

Gerhard Guevarra is also looking to repeat his first place win and regaining his title.  Last year, Guevarra took 1st in men’s foil, also previously winning North Carolina Championships in 2008 and 2011.