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Welcome Coach Paul Uyleman!

The All-American Fencing Academy welcomes Coach (Maitre d’Armes) Paul Uyleman! Next week, Coach Paul will be taking over the epee classes. I really enjoyed working with you and getting an opportunity with work with epee hands, but I’m leaving you in even more capable epee coaching.

Epee fencers, remember your classes are now on Thursdays at 7PM. Coach Paul is also available for private lessons, please make sure you talk to Coach Paul to schedule private lessons.

Also Coach Paul is also starting new classes and will begin taking new students next week. His schedule is as follows:

4PM: Beginner Youth Foil (ages 7-12)
5PM: Regular Youth Foil (ages 7-12)
6PM: Beginner Teen/Adult Foil (ages 13-Adult)
7PM: REgular Teen/Adult Foil (ages 13-Adult)

4PM: Beginner Epee Foil (ages 7-12)
5PM: Regular Epee Foil (ages 7-12)
6PM: Beginner Teen/Adult Epee (ages 13-Adult)
7PM: REgular Teen/Adult Epee (ages 13-Adult)