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Luck to Elizabeth Leever!

Do you know who is Elizabeth Leever?  She’s a foil/sabre/epee fencer with the All-American Fencing Academy.  She started foil, dabbled in sabre…it turns out, she’s actually an epee fencer.

Still don’t know who she is?  She’s that person behind the curtain that’s helped the All-American Fencing Academy stay up and running.  She even teaches a little fun sabre class to young students on Wednesdays.  She’s now headed to Regent University in Virginia.

We’ll miss her, YOU’LL miss her.  Here’s all the things she did at the All-American Fencing Academy…

  • Clean the mirrors
  • Sweep/mop/vacuum the floors
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Take out the trash
  • Remind Coach Gerhard to get more soda and Gatorade for the fridge
  • Re-stock the fridge
  • Fix the over head reels
  • Fix weapons
  • Fix body cords
  • Clean weapons to be rewired
  • Help with demos
  • Help with new parents
  • Help with registrations
  • Put up new art (the frame of painted foil guards…and yes, the frame of Coach Gerhard’s medals)
  • Updated our chalk board
  • Set up and maintained our phone lines and internet
  • I’m sure there’s a great many more that’s not listed.  But that’s a lot that Coach Gerhard didn’t have to do.

You’ll see Elizabeth again.  Fayetteville is still home.  Wish her luck as she begins college life!