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Introducing New Fencer Levels!

The All-American Fencing Academy is going to start a level system for our fencers. The level system is identical to USFA rating and the awards requirements will be identical to the USFA Event Classification Chart (http://askfred.net/Info/eventClass.php).

The All-American Fencers “Fencer Level” (per weapon) is as follows (there will be a separate chart for youth fencers):

AAFA:Level 0
AAFA:Level 1
AAFA:Level 2
AAFA:Level 3
AAFA:Level 4
AAFA:Level 5

We will use results beginning with our last intramural event. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough fencers in the teen/adult event for any fencers to level any of our teen or adult fencers, but the youth event had enough fencers to award the first place finisher, Jerica Ruminski with a “Youth Level 1”.

You can view the current fencer levels online here: http://www.allamericanfencing.com/fencer-levels/

Hopefully this will encourage more participation in our intramural events and some competitiveness!

Note: This is only being used at the All-American Fencing Academy and cannot be transferred to any other clubs/events.

However, we’d like invite our fellow NC Clubs to utilize a similar “fencer level” system to rate and award fencers at UNSANCTIONED INTRAMURAL EVENTS.