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This Weekend Tournament Reminder

Remember!  This weekend is a tournament weekend!
Here are the events:
Women’s Foil:  11:00AM
Men’s Foil: 11:00AM
Mixed Epee:  1:00PM
Who can participate?
Coach Paul’s Foil Monday Foil Students.  If you are younger, please keep in mind that the students participating is largely aged 12+ and about 5 feet tall (they’re bigger students).  Please contact Coach Gerhard first if you are a younger student and wanting to participate.
Coach John’s and Coach Gerhard’s Tuesday Foil Class
Coach Gerhard’s Wednesday Foil Class.
All above students are invited to participate in the epee tournament as well, especially Coach Paul’s Thursday Epee Class.
We have some friends from Apex Fencing Club that is joining us!  Please remember to pre-register!