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Saying Goodbye To Friends and New Schedule For Summer

It is the unfortunate nature of Fort Bragg that the All-American Fencing Academy is sometimes a revolving door of great friends, family, and coaches.

We are sad to say that Coach Paul will be returning home to St. George, Utah. The All-American Fencing Academy has always said family and school always come first, this is one of those cases. Coach Paul has developed some great students and was a valuable asset to us and he will be missed by the AAFA and especially the students that he taught.

We wish Coach Paul the best of luck in his future plans.

We also have to say goodbye to 2 fencers, Sophia and Alex Paz. The Army is once again taking away some great friends and fencers. We hope they will continue to fence at their new duty station and we wish them the best.

Unfortunately, we may lose one or two more during the summer. But, that revolving door goes both ways. Some of our fencers may be returning from college, we definitely have some great new fencers that have joined and recently…and guess what? We may have an A-rated epee fencer joining us soon.

So, with the loss of Coach Paul, we will have do some rescheduling as we re-enter summer:

All Coach Paul’s Teen and Adult Foil and Epee Fencers:
New Schedule: Wednesday at 7PM

Avery and Garrett:
New Schedule: Wednesday at 6PM

Nikolas and Theodore:
New Schedule: Wednesday at 7PM

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Coach John and I will be doing some planning during the summer to realign and redistribute the classes. We will have a new practice schedule in August.