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AAFA Featured in Inc.com: All-American Fencing Academy on Getting Hot in Here

Original article:
By Ted Devine

The All-American Fencing Academy has a problem that most small-business owners want. It’s nearing capacity for students and is exploring expansion opportunities. Founder and head coach Gerhard Guevarra credits his business’s success to its innovative marketing.

“We have never relied on traditional media such as print, radio, or TV ads,” Guevarra says. “We’ve leveraged news articles, social media, and community service well enough to slow down a little.”

What might a small-business owner in this happy situation need? In Guevarra’s case, he wished for something to improve his customers’ experience: industrial fans. Better air circulation may not seem like a big deal, but the combination of heavy fencing jackets and sweltering North Carolina summers made the studio nearly unbearable.

And according to the Forrester Perspective: The Business Impact of Customer Experience, a positive customer experience correlates with higher revenue growth in most industries. Considering Guevarra’s reliance on nontraditional marketing, there is an excellent chance those fans will generate some positive word-of-mouth advertising for his academy.