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Up Your Game On Mondays

Some of our fencers ask us what they can do to get better.  One of our biggest recommendations is TIME ON STRIP.  If you’re only taking group classes, that’s only one small piece of the puzzle, private lessons is another larger piece.

But what All-American Fencing Academy offers at no additional cost is OPEN FENCING on Monday evening.  Coach John oversees the fencers who come in on Monday evenings.  No classes, just straight fencing with full electric.

From Coach John:
We will be there starting at 5:30PM.  The earlier the better.  People usually do some free fencing or additional drills with one another.  People stay as late as they like.

For now, there are only foil fencers.  But if we can get more epee fencers, maybe we can convince them to come and fence an extra night as well!