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Fayetteville Fencers Medal Back to Back

The All-American Fencing Academy has hosted 2 tournaments since beginning of 2016 with fencers participating from Fayetteville, Wilmington, Durham, and Apex.

“The All-American Fencing Academy has had large turnouts for our youth tournaments (ages 7-12) during the past year,” stated owner and coach Gerhard Guevarra. “There are simply no other clubs in North Carolina that host kids intramural tournaments regularly.”

Fayetteville is becoming the hub of youth fencing competitions, averaging nearly 25 youth competitors during their competition weekends.

Some of Fayetteville’s fencers are showing consistent results and are looking to moving on to participate in national and regional events. Sabrina Krupenko and Isabella Santucci have medaled in back to back tournaments in February and March.

Sabrina Krupenko, who is just turning 13, is one of All-American Fencing Academy’s toughest and most dedicated athletes. She currently takes 2 classes and takes private lessons. During last week’s tournament, Krupenko only took one loss in her pools, but went uncontested in the direct eliminations until her loss against Abel Griswold from Apex Fencing Academy in the finals.

Isabella Santucci, age 10, also took only one loss in her pools to another Apex Fencing Academy fencer, Connor Long. Santucci had an even greater field of fencers to compete against in the younger division. Santucci also placed second in the age 7-9 category.

Several of All-American Fencing Academy’s fencers are not far behind. Layla and Greta Tart, Lindsey Cole, Jaina Janson are all within reach of medals podium. Whenever these fencers are on the strip, you can feel a strong will to win.

However, Coach Guevarra adds, “It’s in individual sport, but one of the big things we’ve been working on is teamwork. We compete individually, but I want each of them cheering on each other during the day, and helping each other get on and off the strip. More importantly, I want them talking to each other.”

Coach Guevarra stresses at the end of the tournament that our medalists didn’t get the finals without help. The support of their teammates got them there too.

Swordplay In Their Blood

Siblings Gabriel (age 13), Grace (age 11), Isabelle (age 8), and Liam Guevarra (age 6) seem to have fencing in their blood. Their father is one of All-American Fencing Academy’s coach, Gerhard Guevarra. Coach Guevarra and his wife, Jennifer Guevarra were both collegiate Division I NCAA fencers at UNC.

Grace, although having taken a heavy loss in last week’s tournament, has been a tough competitor and can often be seen in the semi-finals with Krupenko. The duo is a powerful combination for the All-American Fencing Academy, and both are trained by Coach John Page.

“Grace loves to win. She won’t say she loves competition, but she wants to win,” remarked Coach Gerhard Guevarra. “Especially when she’s up against her brother.”

The Guevarra Family isn’t the only family with family members fencing on the same team, there are several siblings, parents and their children, and spouses that fence together on the team.