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Apex Tournament


Apex Tournament
(AFA – Youth, Women’s, Mixed – Foil & Epee events)
Saturday, May 14, 2016

11AM Unsanctioned Women’s Epee (Born 2002 or earlier)
9:30AM Unsanctioned Women’s Foil (Born 2002 or earlier)
9AM Unsanctioned Y10 Mixed Foil (Born between 2005-2008)
9AM Unsanctioned Y12 Mixed Epee (Born between 2003-2006)
11AM Unsanctioned Y12 Mixed Foil (Born between 2003-2006)
12:30PM Unsanctioned Senior Mixed Epee (Born 2002 or earlier)
3PM Unsanctioned Senior Mixed Foil (Born 2002 or earlier)

Please pre-register as this is becoming a large event and the organizers need to know how many to expect:

Coach Gerhard and his kids will be there all day to coach and compete.

Please make sure you are at least a NON-COMPETITIVE member of the US Fencing Association.
-If you haven’t, or need to renew, visit www.usfencing.org, under MEMBERSHIP, go to JOIN OR RENEW ONLINE.
-If you have registered this year, visit www.usfencing.org,  and print a membership card.


If you do not equipment, we will provide all the equipment you need.  If you are interested in purchasing equipment, I’ve put together some lists for you and where to get them.  We purchase most of our equipment for absolutefencinggear.com.

Practice Equipment:  https://goo.gl/Rn1vXi
Competition Equipment List:  https://goo.gl/2yrtfE

If you have your own equipment, bring it!  You will use most of it, in addition to the competition equipment.  If you have competed at our club before, it’s the same thing, there will be some added requirements.

Uniforms pieces you will need:
Plastron (Under arm protector)
Knickers (pants)
Knee high socks (long enough to cover the remainder of your leg not covered by pants)
Shoes (just not dress shoes, slippers, crocks, swimming shoes, “toe” shoes…etc.)

Electric weapons
Electric body cords

The night before, we will have a team meeting at the fencing room at 6:30PM if you need to pick up some uniform pieces.  (I don’t plan to bring our entire equipment inventory, just our competitoin stuff).

We will bring all the competition equipment.  If you do not have practice equipment, or you need additional pieces like knicker, plastron, etc.  Plan on attending the meeting!



It is about a 1 hour, 11 minute drive to Apex.
Tournament location:  123 Middle Creek Park Ave Apex, NC NC 27539

I will meet anyone that wants to carpool at the All-American Fencing Academy at 6:30AM and we will leave by 7AM.


Other notes:
-Registration is $26.  I do not know if they can accept check or credit card, so be prepared with cash.
-If you are eliminated early, please try to stay to support your teammates!
-Bring snacks and drinks.  You never know what’s available on site.