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Coach Gerhard and Gabriel Compete at UNC!

Coach Gerhard and Gabriel Guevarra travelled to UNC Chapel Hill to compete in the North Carolina Fencing Development Program Fight at Fetzer Tournament on November 25th!

The tournament was rated a B2 event.  This was Gabe’s first sanctioned rated event.  He initially seeded 27th (out of 27 fencers), however after the pools, he was seeded 24th.  He fared well against seasoned rated competitors.  He finished 24th in the event.

Coach Gerhard initially seeded 11th entering the event.   Gerhard finished 1st in his pool, and was seeded 3rd entering the eliminations.  He finished 3rd overall, defeating the fencer he lost to in the pools in the elimination rounds.

See the results here: https://askfred.net/Results/results.php?tournament_id=33733&highlight_competitor_id=&event_id=132609