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All-American Fencing Academy Growth

Although I don’t agree with ranking clubs (in the same way that you can’t rank public schools), it is nice to see North Carolina’s and All-American Fencing Academy’s growth in the past few years on http://nationalfencingclubrankings.com/north-carolina-top-25-list-fencing-activity-2015-2016/

1. Naturally, our strength and numbers are in foil. However we’ve had a consistent small contingency of epee fencers that are really good with some outstanding coaches over the past few years (Maya Cameron, Paul Uyleman, and Isaac Erbele)

2. We have grown in numbers, we are wall to wall in many classes. We rank second in foil fencer population in North Carolina to Apex.

3. Although we haven’t had a lot of fencers attending sanctioned local and national events, we’ve had more this year than we’ve had in the past 3 years.  We had a number of great foilists come from Coach John Page and his classes.

4. We are hosting LOTS of tournaments, nearly 1 tournament with 3-4 events per month. Keep in mind they are almost all unsanctioned. But I’m willing to bet that we host the most youth foil events in the area. Thanks Apex Fencing Academy, Charlotte Fencing Academy, and Research Triangle Fencing for supporting our kids events with your students.

To everyone, thanks for another great year!