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Need Volunteers for the ACC Collegiate Fencing Championships!

This year’s Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Fencing Championships are at Duke University (last year, it was at UNC).

They are looking for volunteers!

The ACC is looking for a few volunteers to serve as gophers for the ACC Championships in Cameron Indoor Stadium. It’s a great opportunity for local fencers. No prior experience or membership is needed.

They looking for folks who are ages 12+ – you must be able to keep a neat score sheet (you’ll be trained them ahead of time), move name tags around, remain mostly impartial while on the floor, and follow officials’ instructions.

For your time, you’ll be fed lunch, get some ACC swag (rumor is UnderArmour polo, but not 100% certain), and be on the floor during the Championship.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the online form (link below), and the organizing team will be in touch.


Also, if you are interested in just watching college level fencing, this is a great opportunity to do so! This will be the last time North Carolina (Duke or UNC) will be hosting the ACC Fencing Championships for a while. It will rotate through the other ACC Division 1 Fencing schools before returning to North Carolina.

You can find the ACC Fencing Championship information and schedule here: