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Crash Course in Armoring Clinic

If you are a parent of a competitive fencer, or a competitive fencer, this is a must attend clinic, especially if you own electric weapons. Electric weapons need maintenance and sometimes repair. Many times, a simple repair will save you the money from purchasing a new weapon.

Date: Saturday, April 1, 2017
Time: 10AM-1130AM
Fee: $10
Pre-Register: https://askfred.net/Clinics/Prereg/existingFencer.php?clinic_id=36401

This beginner’s course for parents and FOIL and EPEE fencers will be on how the weapon works, parts, determining what’s wrong, and repair. Ben Fouty (who’s been fixing all our club weapons and reels) will be instructing. If you have your own electric weapon (broken or working), please bring them, especially the broken ones and your body cords.

Not required, but some parts you might want to bring if you are repairing your own weapons. We also recommend that you have these spare parts available to you anyway, especially screws, tape, and springs. We recommend German parts:

Recommended tools to bring:

  • Jewelers screwdrivers
  • Tightening tool for your pommel (6mm)
  • Hacksaw
  • Blade glue (fast cure super glue, the one on Absolute Fencing Gear is fine, or just by locally)