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Coach John’s Wednesday Night Spring Series 2017

Coach John ran a developmental tournament during his Wednesday classes during the final months of the season.

Series final results after eleven tournaments and two fence-offs: (1) Megan, (2) Ines, (3) Gabe, (4) Sabrina, (5) Victor, (6) Luke, (7) Phillip, (8) Holden tied with Melea, and (9) Jameson, followed by Theodore, Sydney, Christine, Jaina, and Cullen in no special order.

Each tournament had 8 participants. Points were awarded to the top six finishers (6 points for 1st place, 1 point for 6th). This was a no-DE format; everyone had to fence everyone.

Megan missed two tournaments but was the only competitor to win three. She was inconsistent early in the series, but came on strong at the end, winning the last two and edging past Gabe and Sabrina in points (38), tying her with Ines. She won a close fence-off with Ines, 15-13, giving her first place overall.

Ines started the series strong, had a bad slump in the middle, but regrouped in the last few events with respectable finishes. She won one tournament and missed none, which helped build up her cumulative 38 points. Sometimes “slow and steady” really does (almost) win the race. Someone once said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” In fact, she stayed in second place in overall points through the entire series, except for a brief tie for first at the very end before losing the fence-off by 2 touches to Megan.

Gabe won two tournaments but missed two (as did Megan and Victor). He was very strong at the start of the series (in fact, maintaining the overall series lead until the last tournament), but people began to figure out his hit-on-the-prep game as the series went on. He held off the surging Sabrina (they both had 37 points at the end of the series), winning an excellent fence-off 15-13.

Sabrina missed three tournaments (more than any of the top five finishers) and won one. However, she took 2nd a number of times and was very consistent throughout, thus building up a good cumulative point score (37), tying her with Gabe in the very last tournament. She ended up in 4th place, losing a very well fenced, back-and-forth tie-breaker with Gabe.

Victor started the series a bit slowly (but always in the top six), surged in the middle, taking 1st in two tournaments and 2nd in another, and then leveled off at the end as some fencers began to figure out how to crack his counter-attack game and his long arm. He also missed two tournaments, which hurt his point total. But overall, he was consistently strong throughout the entire series, with 29 total points.

Luke was strongest at the start of the series (a first, a second, and a third), missed three tournaments in a row, and was less successful in the last three events, being a bit out of practice. Also, other fencers began to figure out ways to not let him start his big attacks. He finished with 25 points.

Phillip missed 5 tournaments, but fenced very effectively when he was there, even taking a second place in the last event for a total point score of 14.

Holden was the only fencer besides Ines to take part in all eleven tournaments. He is improving and took an impressive fourth place in one tournament, along with three good sixth place finishes (putting him in the points in four events overall). His defense is good (but mostly with parry 4) and he does an occasional nice attack (which he needs to try more often). He finished with 6 points.

Melea had an injured arm for most of the series and only participated in one tournament, which she won, giving her 6 points. She would certainly have finished in the top five if she was not injured.

Jameson participated in 5 tournaments and missed 6. He was a very strong competitor when he fenced and took a fifth and a sixth place, giving him 3 points.

Theodore, Sydney, Christine, Jaina, and Cullen were our other occasional participants. They all fenced well, winning one or two bouts in each tournament they fenced in. Theodore took 5th in his one tournament, giving him 2 points overall.

Some noteworthy facts:

  • All of the top six finishers (Megan, Ines, Gabe, Sabrina, Victor, Luke) had at least one 1st place win. (Melea also had a 1st place in her one tournament). None of the top six finishers ever placed below 6th.
  • The top four finishers (Megan, Ines, Gabe, Sabrina) were all either tied or within one point of each other (38, 37) at the end of the series.
  • All of the top six finishers except Ines missed at least two tournaments. So, in the end, except for Ines’ 100% participation, there were no significant advantages or disadvantages among the top six.
  • 1st place wins were well distributed. In the eleven events, we had seven different 1st place winners: Megan (3), Ines (1), Gabe (2), Sabrina (1), Victor (2), Luke (1), Melea (1). All of the top six had significant ups and downs (except Sabrina who was consistent), but still managed to end with good point totals.
  • We restricted the tournaments to 8 participants, giving preference when necessary to people who had shown up most often. Maybe next time we can print out some nine or ten-participant score sheets to use when we have more than eight entrants.
  • We had 5 different directors on and off (John, Sam, Melea, Louis, Megan).