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US Fencing Membership Reminder and AAFA Events Now on AskFReD!

Everyone (except for members that joined after April 1, 2017) MUST renew their US Fencing Membership. All fencers must be members of US Fencing in accordance with our insurance policies.

To join or renew, visit: https://member.usfencing.org/ or call 719-866-4511.


All home events are posted on AskFRed!  Start your pre-registrations now!

All events are unsanctioned with the exception of December.  December we are hoping to be approved for a Sanctioned Men’s and Women’s Foil, and Mixed Epee event.

View all the AAFA events: https://goo.gl/2g8cwM


UNC Chapel Hill Tournament

UNC will only be hosting one sanctioned tournament this year.  There will be foil, epee, and sabre events.  Lars, Coach Gerhard, and Gabe are scheduled to attend.  It will be on September 30-October 1.

Pre-registration: https://askfred.net/Events/whoIsComing.php?tournament_id=37349

All other known events and tentative home schedule is available to download online: