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Memberships and Group Lessons

Basic Membership
Monthly Membership Fee:  $70*
Only fencers who have completed the Beginner Class, or have equivalent fencing experience may apply for Basic Membership.  Fencers with basic membership must have their own practice equipment (mask, jacket, weapon, glove, knickers, plastron)
Basic Membership includes:

  • Group Lessons- Basic Membership covers 1 group lesson per week with the assigned coach.
  • If the student would like to participate in group lessons with different coaches, the fee is $70 per additional coach.
  • Unlimited floor time for open fencing
  • Use of electric/competition fencing equipment

Prior experience fencers who want to come in and fence for open fencing fall into this membership category.  Fencers with Basic Membership will be focused upon training for competition, advanced defensive and offensive tactics, or to continue recreational fencing.

Schedule for Group Lessons for Regular Members:

Youth Classes (Ages 7-12)
(Students are assigned a Coach and Class Schedule, please talk to your Coach about attending a different class or multiple classes)

  • Ages 10-12:  Tuedays, 6-7PM:  Youth Foil, Coach Gerhard
  • Ages 7-10:  Wednesdays, 6-7PM:  Youth Foil, Coach Gerhard

Teen and Adult Classes
(Students are assigned a Coach and Class Schedule, please talk to your Coach about attending a different class or multiple classes)

  • Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30PM:  Teen and Adult Foil, Coach John
  • Wednesdays, 7-8PM:  Teen and Adult Foil, Coach Gerhard
  • Wednesdays, 7-8PM:  Teen and Adult Epee, Coach Isaac

Open Fencing (Practice Competition)
Open to all member fencers and visiting fencers.

  • Mondays, starting at 5:30PM



Visiting Fencers/Nightly Rate

Nightly Rate:  $12
Visiting fencers are welcome to the All-American Fencing Academy.  If you are visiting Fayetteville, Fort Bragg or the local area, you are invited to fence with us.  Visitors are open to use practice equipment and electric equipment and must have a reasonable ability and knowledge of fencing.  The Nightly Rate may not be used in lieu of of memberships.

  • Visiting Fencing/Nightly Rate Individual Lesson (as time allows), 15-20 minutes lesson, $30

Family Member Discounts

There is a $10 discount for each additional family member participating in classes, private lessons or memberships.







*All new registrations have a $10 registration fee.  This fee is applied each year for all returning fencers.
**$20 is the base price for individual lessons.  Other All-American Fencing Academy Coaches may have a higher price for individual lessons.