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We dare you not to love it.

Fencing Academy About The

We provide instruction and training for beginning, new, advanced, recreational and competitive fencers.  The All-American Fencing Academy’s goals is to introduce fencing to youth, teens, and adults interested in starting a new hobby and physical activity as well as training competitors to compete at the state and national level.  

“We dare you not to love it”

Beginner Classes Start

Experience is NOT needed!  Equipment is provided!  The only requirement is the want to learn and have fun!  We provide beginner classes for all new students.  Classes are available for youth (starting at age 7), teen, and adults.  Many of our fencers are recreational, some are competitive. Come visit and watch a class!

“We all played swords”

Walk-In Classes Fourth Friday

During Downtown Fayetteville’s Fourth Fridays, the All-American Fencing Academy hosts Walk-In Classes for anybody that wants to get a taste of a fencing classes before signing up for a full month.  Walk-In Classes are only $10.  No experience or equipment required.  Great for families and friends, see you there!


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Give us a call or e-mail us now to learn about how to start beginner classes
or our “Walk-In Fourth Friday” classes!


Start Fencing?

Fencing provides great exercise, you get a chance to meet new friends, you learn a new skill, and it’s a great conversation starter.  Kids apply discipline and problem solving skills learned at home and school; adults get to network in a small community.  Our fencers learn how to succeed both in winning and in failure; teen fencers can continue to collegiate varsity programs.  And let’s face it, we love to play with swords.

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How To Teach Beginner Fencing To Your Children

YOU Can Teach Beginner Fencing.  Created to help parents during the COVID-19 pandemic closures, but perfect for families wanting to introduce their children to fencing.  Beginner fencing skills is not difficult, experience or equipment NOT needed!  If you can do yoga online, you can teach your kids.


RPF (Role Play Fencing)

FREE Paper based fencing and bouting.  Unable to fence?  No club near your?  A global pandemic is preventing you from fencing?  You can still fence AND practice social distancing!

If you like Dungeons & Dragons or Magic the Gathering, then you’ll enjoy this paper based game.  Fencing experience is not required, but it’s helpful!

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On Strip/At Home Series

View all the content created during the COVID-19 pandemic closures.  Our On Strip/At Home Series include 1 hour classes for all age groups and experience, mini skill building exercises, and an audio series on resilience featuring special guests and former Olympians!

Let’s stay #ondeck!