Fencing Strip Sponsors


The All-American Fencing Academy is upgrading our competition strips from overhead reels to the new compact retractable reel boxes! We are looking for businesses that would be interested in sponsoring a fencing strip!

The overhead reels required constant maintenance and would often get tangled in our fencers weapons while they were fencing. The retractable reel boxes will keep the wires away from our fencers during practice and competition. Ideally, we’d love to upgrade to wireless, but we’re waiting for the technology to become more reliable and cheaper.

A set of retractable reel boxes is $730 and we are looking for businesses that might be interested in sponsoring the reels for our classes, practices, and competition. We have 4 more strips we want to upgrade!

What does your business get for sponsoring a fencing strip?

  • Your business ad/logo on the set of reels (They will remain there indefinitely)
  • Your business ad/logo banner above the score box on the fencing strip with the reels (They will remain there until December 2019)
  • All tournament announcements will feature your business as a sponsor (up to December 2019)
  • Fencers and families will be called to strips by the sponsors name (Rather than, “Fencer on strip 1!”  They will hear “Fencer on the ACME strip!” (up to December 2019)
  • Tournament sponsor recognition in the right column of the All-American Fencing Academy website (up to December 2019)
  • 2 free months of fencing classes for 2 students (redeemable at any time)

What will the ad/logo look like on the reels and on the fencing strips? Here are some examples:


Who Will See The Sponsors?

Regular Practice/Class Week

  • Fencers and their families will see the business sponsors
  • About 40-50 students and their families per week, all will see business sponsors
  • 4th Friday Walk-In Class Participants typically continue to shop downtown after classes
  • Many of our families are local
  • Parents drop of their children and shop downtown during class

Competition Weekend

  • Fencers and their families, in addition to other friends come to spectate
  • About 50-60 athletes competing during a tournament weekend
  • Many families looking for lunch or dinner prior to completing the tournament
  • Many out of town visitors, often from Durham, Apex, Wilmington, and Charlotte

More Information

For any questions, please contact Head Coach and Owner, Gerhard Guevarra.