Fencing Strip Sponsorship/Advertising


The All-American Fencing Academy is offering an opportunity for businesses to sponsor/advertise on a fencing strip to help the Fencing Academy reach a goal of $800 to sponsor a fencing strip.

This is an excellent and low cost opportunity to target and advertise to a specific audience for an extended period of time. (Sponsor/advertising signage will be posted above the strip indefinitely.)

The All-American Fencing Academy is slowly starting tournaments again after a long hiatus due to mandatory closures.  We are starting to host small tournaments for our classes again, and eventually allow athletes from other clubs.

By sponsoring a strip, you are helping the fencing academy and our athletes with the equipment they need to effectively train for statewide and national competitions as well as collegiate teams.

Single Sponsor/Advertiser or Group of Sponsors/Advertisers

A single business can sponsor a single strip or a group of businesses can split the sponsorship/advertisement.  For example, Fox Bookkeeping is the sole sponsor of our finals fencing strip.

If a single business sponsors a strip, the business will have the sole banner above the strip.  If a group of businesses splits the sponsorship/advertisement, the banner and reel signage will include information for all participating businesses.

If your business or a group of businesses are interested in sponsoring/advertising on a fencing strip, please contact the All-American Fencing at 910-644-0137 or e-mail allamericanfencing@gmail.com.

What does your business get for sponsoring a fencing strip?

  • Your business ad/logo on the set of reels. (They will remain there indefinitely, example in the picture below.)
  • Your business ad/logo banner above the score box on the fencing strip with the reels (They will remain there indefinitely, example in the picture above.)

What will the ad/logo look like on the reels and on the fencing strips? Here are some examples:


Who Will See The Sponsors/Advertisement?

Regular Practice/Class Week

  • Fencers and their families will see the business sponsors
  • About 40-50 students and their families per week, all will see business sponsors
  • 4th Friday Walk-In Class Participants typically continue to shop downtown after classes
  • Many of our families are local
  • Parents drop of their children and shop downtown during class

Competition Weekend

  • Fencers and their families, in addition to other friends come to spectate
  • About 50-60 athletes competing during a tournament weekend
  • Many families looking for lunch or dinner prior to completing the tournament
  • Many out of town visitors, often from Durham, Apex, Wilmington, and Charlotte

More Information

For any questions, please contact Head Coach and Owner, Gerhard Guevarra.