Meet the Coaches

Coach Gerhard Guevarra black and white

Gerhard Guevarra – Coach and Owner

Fencing History and Bio:
Gerhard began fencing in his freshman year at UNC-Chapel Hill. During his sophomore year, he joined the UNC-Chapel Hill Varsity Fencing team and began training under Fencing Master Dr. Ron C. Miller.

Gerhard has been coaching since 1999 with numerous success with his students including Junior Olympic Qualifiers and Regional Youth Circuit Finalists. He continues to compete nationally but has fenced internationally, competing in the 2006 Vancouver World Cup and has won several North Carolina Division Championships.

Gerhard has a BA in Physical Education, Exercise and Sports Science. He has been a middle school Business Technology teacher and recreation center director. He has also been an Army Reservist, completing his 8 year commitment in 2003. He is currently a School Liaison Officer for Fort Bragg and the Department of the Army.

He now lives in Fayetteville with his wife (Jennifer), sons (Gabriel and Liam) and daughters (Grace and Isabelle). Gabriel and Isabelle has also started to fence with the All-American Fencing Academy and both compete nationally.

Gerhard teaches the youth foil classes and the teen and adult foil and epee classes.


John Page – Coach

Fencing History and Bio:
John Page fencing experience began in the 1960’s and is a graduate of New York University. He was Sectional Champion and earned a B rating during the height of his competition career.

When he began coaching with the All-American Fencing Academy, his spouse, Ines Page, also started fencing and training with the club and competing regularly.

John provides a wealth of experience and great personal fencing training to the All-American Fencing Academy’s fencers. John Page heads up the teen and adult fencing program, but is available for private lessons as well. He’s trained many of All-American Fencing Academy’s successful teen and adult fencers including UNC-Chapel Hill recruit, Brianna Osinski (class of 2014). John is an avid student of fencing and is enthusiastic about coaching and his students.

John teaches the teen and adult foil classes.

Coach Melea Stoltenberg black and white

Melea Stoltenberg – Coach

Fencing History and Bio:
Melea Stoltenberg fencing experience is pure All-American Fencing Academy.  She has primarily been coached and trained by John Page.  She’s a regular foil competitor and has been fencing for the last 5 years.

Melea has a BS in Psychology from Frostburg State University and a minor in Voice.  She started swimming competitively at 5, and has also played soccer, danced, and gymnastics.  Currently, she also trains in crossfit at least 5 days a week and is an avid hiker.  Future goals:  Ax throwing and jousting.

Melea is a mother of 3 and an Air Force Spouse.  Two of her children currently fence and compete at the All-American Fencing Academy, her eldest son, Jameson, and her youngest daughter, Eibhleann.

Melea coaches the teen and adult foil class.