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Where to Park

With the addition of the Fayetteville Woodpeckers Minor League Baseball team and stadium, there is a lot of things going on in Downtown Fayetteville!  Unfortunately, that has made parking in Downtown Fayetteville a little more difficult.

During days that there is no Downtown Events or baseball games, the following parking is available:

On Street Parking:
Monday-Friday, 9AM-9PM
FREE (3 hour parking limit for spaces near the Fencing Academy)

Parking Lots (Off Street Parking):
Monday-Friday, 9AM-9PM
Time limits and rates posted in city-owned parking lots. There are parking pay boxes located in the parking lots.  Have cash and change available ($1 bills and quarters are best).  Parking has been $4 full day parking or .50 cents per hour.

Event Parking:
Downtown event examples include Fayetteville Woodpeckers home games (, Spring and Fall Dogwood Festival, and the International Folk Festival.  Other events may be determined throughout the year.

If Event Parking has blocked off Donaldson Lot next to the the All-American Fencing Academy, you can still utilize curb side parking, but the lots become $5 per vehicle beginning 2 hours prior to the event.  The next nearest parking is a block away at the courthouse parking (see map below, highlighted in green).

If the doors are open, you are welcome to drop of your kids and have them walk up to the fencing academy then park the vehicle.  Also, when picking up the kids, you also can leave them at the fencing club, pick up the vehicle, and park temporarily in the loading zone directly in front of the All-American Fencing Academy to pick up the children.

For up to date information on parking:

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