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Love the sport. Sport the brand.
Go All-American.

The Dad Hat

(Not just for dads, though.)  A minimal design to show your love of this sport meant for every day wear.


The All-American Classic Shield Tee

Simple, minimal, solid t-shirt with a small image of the All-American Fencers on the back at the top.  It doesn’t overtly say, “I’m in town for a competition and I’m wearing a club shirt.”  You love the sport of fencing and you don’t need a graphic tee that says what your favorite weapon is.

About The All-American Fencing
Strip Side Collection

The All-American Fencing logo is the logo for the All-American Fencing Academy, but it symbolizes the simple appreciation fencers, their families, clubs, and supporters enjoy – love of the sport and love of design.  The All-American Fencing logo and the All-American Fencers design is minimal and captures the pride of its wearer like the way we wear Polo, Nike, or even the Tiger Woods brand.

The design is not meant to show your affiliation with a single club, but it shows your support for the sport.

In partnership with CCE Headgear Plus in Fayetteville, NC.  CCE Headgear Plus is distributing the All-American Strip Side Collection.

Love the sport.  Sport the brand.  Go All-American.

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